Tire Repairs

The Car Care Clinic Tire Repair - Guilford, CT 203-453-3277Shoreline road conditions in Connecticut are constantly changing, and tire damage is not uncommon. The Car Care Clinic always offers possible options for tire repair on the basis of convenience, economy and reliability. The Car Care Clinic will quickly determine whether your tire is safely repairable or replaceable under warranty.

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Tire Inflation with Nitrogen

Several chemical companies are promoting the use of nitrogen as an inflation gas to the Tire Industry with claims of improved tire performance. The air we breathe and use to inflate tires chemically consists of 78% nitrogen, 20 % oxygen, and 2% other.

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Service and Mount Standard Tires

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Service Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

In the event of a flat, the low tire pressure and tire monitor indicators will come on. After replacing a flat tire with the spare, the low tire pressure indicator will stay on.

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Service and Mount High Performance Tires

The Car Care Clinic services and mounts all brands of High-Performance tires using state of the art equipment.

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